An easy to use note organizer for Android.

William R. Vitanyi

Sometimes when you're out and about you need some basic piece of information. It could be a serial number, a computer address, or even a shopping list or how-to instructions.

These things fall into different categories, but the difficulty is finding the specific information that you need...Now!

What is needed is a simple system of organizing simple notes.

The BaylaDex allows you to create basic notes, organize them into Items within Categories, and associate a photo if desired. Toggle between the photo and text with one click. The notes are easy to find because of the simple filing system.

The BaylaDex stores data on your smart device in an encrypted database. Create your content, organize it in a way that makes sense to you, and easily find it when you need it.

In addition, you can create a csv file of Categories and Items for import. Best of all, the BaylaDex is free!

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BaylaDex Text

Main Text Viewer

This is the main screen. Read and edit your notes, add categories and items.

BaylaDex Image

Switch to Image

Associate an image with your text. Toggle with one click of a button.

Add Category

Add a Category

A category is a general topic area. It can contain many items.

Add Item

Add an Item

An Item is a note within a Category, and can have an image associated.

BaylaDex Text

Duplicate a Category

Copy an entire Category to a new Category. Include images if desired.

BaylaDex Image

Export Data

Export Categories to a csv file as a backup, or to share data with others.

BaylaDex Import

Import Data

Import a properly formatted csv file. Create a file using Excel.



Choose whether to require sign-in to Google or not. Works without wireless.

BaylaDex Info

Category and Item names are limited to 12 characters. Item names must be unique within their Category. Every Category must have at least one Item. Import csv files must have the following format:


For a template, export a Category from the BaylaDex. This creates a csv file which you can use as a sample for your own external file creation.

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