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The BaylaDex stores data on your smart device organized by Items within Categories for quick and easy lookup. Create your content, organize it in a way that makes sense to you, and then easily find it when you need it.

The BaylaDex uses Categories and Items much like folders and files, except it stores the content you create in an encrypted database on your device. Associate a photo and toggle with one swipe on the same screen.

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About the Author

Bill lives in northwestern Pennsylvania with his family and many pets. He is an Edinboro University of Pennsylvania alumnus, with a Bachelor's degree in Russian Language and many years of experience as a computer programmer.

William R. Vitanyi

He has written several books, numerous articles, and also designs Android apps.

Of writing apps, Bill says organization is important, as well as an excellent tool set. He uses Basic for Android, or B4X, as a rapid application design (RAD) suite of programming tools for designing full featured Android apps.

More to come on that.

On writing BaylaDex Bill was inspired by the chaos of his own data. The constant need to search for basic information led to the development of an app to reduce the need to constantly search for basic information.

So he did.

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Using BaylaDex

The first step is to install the Android app.

Use the link above, or from your mobile device go to the Google Play store, and under Apps search for Bayladex.

The app requires only minimal permissions, and takes a short time to install. On install the only Category is the Help category, which contains many help Items, each explaining some aspect of BaylaDex operations.

Moving forward you can create many new Categories, each containing its own set of Items. Each Item contains a text note, and can also have a photo associated with it.

You can create Categories, or Items within Categories, very easily. You then create the text that goes with an Item. For example, you may have a Category called TRIPS. That Category may contain an Item called NEWYORK18, which contains notes about that trip. To find it, you would use the Category pull-down to select TRIPS, and then the Item pull-down to select NEWYORK18. Your notes about that Item would display in an editable text box.

If the Item itself is more complex, you can make it its own Category, and then create Items within that Category. It all depends on the level of organization that you require.

Screen Shots

Main Reading

Main Screen

The Category pull-down menu, beneath the large display box, lists all Categories. The Item pull-down menu lists all Items for the currently selected Category. The large edit box displays the content of the currently selected Item

You can switch spellcheck or the keyboard on/off, and to edit data, type in the large edit box, then press Save.

Swipe horizontally to toggle between text and an associated photo.

Get Pic


To associate a photo with an Item, open the main menu and select Get Pic. Choose a photo. To toggle between text and photo, simply swipe left or right beneath the edit box or photo.

When you associate a photo, the original is copied and reduced to a size appropriate for your display.

To replace an existing, associated photo, repeat the process of selecting a photo. To unassociate, select Delete Pic from the Main menu.

Add New

Add New

When you enter a new Item name and press Save, you are sent back to the Main screen to enter your content. If you entered a new Category it is automatically created along with the new Item.

To duplicate an entire Category select Duplicate Category from the device menu.

Full View

Full View

The Full View screen provides a larger viewing area for content. From the BaylaDex Main Screen open the device menu and select Full View.

This opens the Full View screen, which provides a larger display area. You can switch spellcheck or the keyboard on/off. If editing is not needed, toggle the keyboard off.

If a photo is associated with the text it will automatically display.


BaylaDex Filer

Import or export a content file from this screen. The file can be encrypted or not, and can be created via the export function, or can be created on a PC in a specific format.

To export, enter an Export Filename, and choose a Category to export, or All. If you choose All, your entire database will be exported to a file, useful for backups. To encrypt the file, enter a File Password to be used to open the file.

For import, choose to overwrite or skip.

How To Import From Excel

How To Import Data

Like any technical process, creating a file in Excel and importing it into the BaylaDex may seem daunting, but it is actually fairly simple, and given practice, will become second nature. This article takes you through all the steps.

Full article coming soon!

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